This recipe is for corn on the cob cooked in the microwave for best flavor. Alternatives include your favorite method; grilled, boiled, steamed, etc.

Texican Street CornIngredients:
Ears of corn, unshucked (silks and shuck on)
1 Tbsp butter for each ear
1 tsp homemade Emeril’s Essence for each ear
1 Tbsp grated cheese of your choice (optional) for each ear

1. Place corn on the cob, unshucked (silks and shucks on) in microwave in a single layer.
2. Cook 4 1/2 minutes for each ear of corn (2 ears = 9 minutes)
3. Place cooked corn on cutting board, and slice off the base, just above where it begins to taper down
4. With a insulated glove, grasp the ear at the top, and squeeze the ear of corn out of the husk. It will come out clean, with no silk left.
5. Butter and sprinkle with Emeril’s Essence.
6. Sprinkle with cheese (optional)

Larry trimming ears of cornLarry’s Notes: This is a delicious ear of corn! Cooking in the microwave retains all the flavor and sweetness other methods often cook out, and clean up is so easy; no shucking, no frustration trying to remove the silks. We like them without any cheese just as well, although you can take this in many flavorful directions by using your favorite cheese.